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678 - Silerus - 22.08.2012

A oto spoiler na temat chaptera 678

One Piece 678 Spoiler Summaries

Credit: T
Trans: Aohige

ONE PIECE 第678話 研究所内A棟ロビー
カリブーの新世界でケヒヒヒヒ 『ジンベエさんに連れられて』

海軍は手のひらを返して一味に観念しろと言うがローがスモーカーに一味と俺の邪魔はするなと言い頷くスモー カー。
ローいわくこの研究所から外気に触れないで外に出る道が有るらしい。弐時間以内に出ないと命の保証は出来な いという。
サンジゾロ一味は子供を探しながらその通路へ向かう。ルフィはシーザーを誘拐してやるという。スモーカーは 一人残りヴェルゴに落とし前付けに行く。

One Piece Chapter 678: Laboratory building A Lobby
Caribou Kehihihihi in the new world “Jinbe-san brought me here”
The crew gets in just in time.
The marines seal up the hole in a hurry, and gets it done in time.
Brook releases his spirit to go check out outside.

The marines turn on Straw Hats, and tell them to give up, but Law tells Smoker not to get in his or the Straw Hat crew’s way, and Smoker agrees.

Sanji and Nami swap back to their bodies.

Law says there’s a way out of this lab without touching the air outside.
But he can’t guarantee they’ll live unless they get out within two hours.
The marines search for the children while looking for door R-66.

Sanji, Zoro, and others also look for the children while heading to the corridor.
Luffy says he’s gonna go kidnap Ceaser. Smoker says he’ll stay behind, and take care of Vergo himself.
Zoro hears from Usopp that Luffy lost once already, and is reminded of his own.. and cheers up by scolding him.

Luffy uses his new move, Gomu-Gomu-UFO and takes out the Punk Hazard army in one hit. Luffy’s flying lol.

End of One Piece Chapter 678 Spoilers

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Gomu-Gomu-UFO ?!?! Ciekawe Smile