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Rozdział 698
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Rozdział 698
Jako że w przyszły poniedziałek w Japonii święto, świeżą porcję pirackiej przygody, w której dzieje się nie mało (przynajmniej na ostatnich stronach, które w spoilerach widziałam), dostarczono już dziś. A że coś dużo tego OP ostatnio było, to i pora na przerwę, więc za tydzień brak rozdziału.

Tymczasem... Doflamingo Appears

Jakby ktoś chciał translację do porównania, to w spoilerze ma takową autorstwa CCC:
Spoiler :
One Piece
Chapter 698
“Doflamingo Appears”
Cover Story:
“Caribou’s Kehihihihi in the New World”
“Volume 20”
“To the harbor“
Page 2:
Editor blurb: “What has G-5 noticed…!?”
Marines: “The gas has no effect!?”
“This protective gear was developed by Vegapunk”
“He’s really way smarter than Caesar!”
“But Caesar knew that. That’s why…”
“That’s why he said the gear wouldn’t provide protection”
“He told them to strip it off in order to run away at full speed”
“So that’s why his men got petrified”
“Hey, hurry up!!”
“Our hardened friends are all still paralyzed, in a state of suspended animation. They’re not out of the woods yet”
“Ah… but”
“Because of that, they’ve only got another half day or so before they absorb the poison and die…!! We’ve got to find them and break those shells!!”
Page 3:
BB: “Uoh ho, thanks for this. To think you’d give us permission to head back into the island…!!”
“I won’t forget your name…!!”
“Now I can save my men…!! But I’ll definitely come back here so you can arrest me!!”
Smoker: “Whatever. This the only exit… hurry up and go now.”
Marines: “What do we do now… all we have to take in are these.”
“Are these guys pirates?”
“This is kind of creepy…”
Buffalo sfx (x2): *thud* *thud*
B5 sfx (x1): *wiggle wiggle*
Page 4:
Marine: “Hmm? Ah!!”
“Huh!? I see a head, incoming!!”
“Eh? What are you…”
“You’re right, they’re heads!!!”
Buffalo: “Oof”
“They came flying down!!!”
B5: “Ah!!!”
Page 5:
Marines: “Eh!?”
Sfx: *whoosh*
Smoker: “That’s…!!”
Marine: “Do-!!”
Page 6:
Marines: “Why…”
“Why is he here!?”
Page 7:
DD: “Fuffuffuffu!!”
Marines: “…!!!”
“That was Conqueror’s Haki!!!”
“What do you think you’re doing!!?”
DD: “They’re all gone, huh…”
“No ship either…”
Marines: “Why’s a Shichibukai attacking Marines!!?”
DD: “But I’m sure there were pirates here… just a little while ago.”
“Now where have they gone…”
Marines: “How dare you do that to our comrades!!!”
Smoker: “Look out, you guys!!!”
DD: “Smoker…!!!”
Page 8:
DD: “Law aside”
“Strawhat is just a common pirate!!”
“Now where have they run off to!!!”
Marines: “Gyahhh!!!”
Page 9:
DD: “What direction did those brats head in!!?”
Law: “I’m planning on heading to Green Bit now, but…”
Smoker: “…Well, I don’t really know.”
“They slipped right through our fingers… I’ll have a lot to answer for to Base Commander Vergo…”

DD: “…So they’re gone then!!?”
“But you… it seems like you know a bit too much…!!!”
Marines: “Smo-ya…”
“Vice Admiral Smo!!!”
Page 10:
“Keep your eyes peeled for reefs!!”
Luffy: “It’s like we’re going down a slope!! What’s with these waters!?”
“The ship’s going real fast!!”
Law: “It’s a “Seaslope.” There are plenty of them.”
Usopp: “Never heard of them!!”
Franky: “No, Brook. It’s not a lamb. It’s “Mini Merry #2.”
“Incidentally you’re the eighth person who’s asked”
“You see, there was a channel right near the lab, yeah?”
“So I took Sunny and escaped from there.”
“After hitting the ocean, I went right back to the entrance in order to retrieve the Mini Merry.”
Map notes:
Top: “Laboratory”
Bottom: “Entrance”
Brook: “Ah, I see. So in the end,”
“Lamb-chan was alright. Thank goodness.”
Page 11:
Luffy: “Nami!! Where was it again? Where’re we going now?”
Nami: “Somewhere called “Dressrosa””
“Tora-man-kun said that we’ll arrive there…”
“…Not by following this middle needle directly, but by taking a roundabout route.”
Kinemon: “D…Dressrosa!?”
Luffy: “You know it?”
Kinemon: “The… the island that we… errr… that I wish to go to”
“Is just that, that it is!! Do you people also have business there!?”
Luffy: “Yeah, probably! Tora-man!”
“Who were you talking to before!?”
Law: “Doflamingo.”
Usopp: “Doflamingo!? The guy known as the worst of the Shichibukai!!”
Law: “The plan is already in motion.”
Zoro: “What plan are you talking about?”
Luffy: “Oh yeah, tell us the plan!! Everybody, gather round!!”
Page 12:
All: “We’re in an alliance in order to bring down a Yonkou!!?”
Zoro: “A Yonkou, huh! Sounds good.”
Usopp: “Nothing good about it!!”
“Hold on now!! Everyone just calm down”
“Luffy! Did you really just go ahead and ally yourself with some mysterious guys?”
“Yup! We’re in alliance now!”
“Our crew and Tora-man’s!! So let’s all be friends!! Shishishi!!”
Usopp: “One member is opposed to this motion!!”
Brook: “What’s the point of opposing?”
Sanji: “Luffy’s already decided, right?”
“I’m warning you now. Your idea of an “alliance””
“And Luffy’s version are probably a bit different. So be careful.”
Page 13:
Sanji: “So that’s why Luffy was going on and on about “kidnapping”…”
“Because if you were about to tell me to cook up this weird sheep that you’ve caught”
“Even I might have taken issue…”
CC: “…Shurororo. Don’t think you all are going to get away with what you’ve done…!!”
“You’ll have some real big players after you now, you fools!!!”
“You will come to understand how stupid you’ve been…!!!”
“And you will die!!!”
Chopper: “Sanji!! I’m in the middle of fixing him up!!!”
“You can have at him when I’m done!!”
Sanji: “When you’re done, huh.”
Law: “On Punk Hazard, I asked you to kidnap Caesar.”
“And I destroyed the equipment used to produce the chemical known as S.A.D.”
Page 14:
“The big pirate crews in the New World have divided most of the sea”
“Into spheres of influence, where they command countless underlings.”
“They reign over like a giant crime syndicate.”
“The current scale of this setup is unprecedented!!”
“If just a single pirate crew were to rise up to challenge them, you wouldn’t even get an audience with a captain…!!”
“But it really does function like the underworld.”
“Without attracting too much attention from the Marines”
“They conduct their necessary dealings in shadow…!!”
“The most trusted and powerful dealer is Doflamingo.”
“In the shadows, he goes by “Joker.””
“Moreover, Joker’s biggest client is currently the Yonkou, “Kaidou of the Hundred Beasts.”
Page 15:
Kinemon: “Nnahh!!!”
Zoro: “What’s wrong?”
Kinemon: “No…!!”
“It’s nothing, that it’s not…!!”
“Please go on!”
“Wahh!! What on earth is this, this dragon!!”
“Wh…where’s Momonosuke!?”
Luffy: “That’s him”
Kinemon: “Wha!?”
“Ahh!! That’s right, that it is”
“I see… so he came to be like that!!”
Law: “What we’re after is none other than the head of the emperor, Kaidou…!!!”
“The key to doing this is to reduce the strength of his forces!!”
“Kaidou has recently put in for a large purchase of fruits from Joker”
“The artificial zoan type devil fruits known as “SMILE””
Page 16:
“If they’re made artificially… there’d be no limit to the number of ability users he could have!!”
Law: “Yes, that’s correct.”
“But it seems that there’s a risk in using these artificial ones”
“At present, Kaidou has over 500 ability users on his crew.”
Usopp: “All those in favor of quitting!!!”
Chopper: “Me”
Nami: “Me”
Zoro: “Be quiet.”
Law: “But that number won’t be increasing anymore.”
Sanji: “Eh”
“This guy!?”
CC: “Shu…Shuroro…”
Sfx: *blush*
Chopper: “You’re the one who made the source of those devil fruits, S.A.D.? Amazing!”
Usopp: “He’s the culprit here! Don’t praise him!!”
Page 17:
Law: “It was simply a practical application of the “lineage factors” that Vegapunk discovered.”
Chopper: “That Vegapunk is really amazing…”
CC: “Shut up! Let’s see you idiots try making it!!”
“Morons that you are!!”
“Joker is done for. Now we just have to move onto our next step.”
“Somewhere in Dressrosa is the factory where they produce “SMILE”s”
Franky: “So we should go and destroy it, yeah?”
Law: “That’s right… but our enemy is a business mastermind… so don’t get careless.”
Luffy: “And that’s also where you want to go, Kin!?”
Kinemon: “Indeed I do!”
“A comrade of mine…!!!”
“Is captured there!!!”
Page 18/19:
Marines: “Please stop!! Smo-yan is gonna die!!”
DD: “Don’t worry. I’ll be killing you all as well!!!”
“There’s no way of telling how much each of you know…”
“And then Law, and Strawhat too!!!”
Smoker: *cough*
DD: “I’ll find them before this day is through!!!”
Big top panel:
Kuzan: “Arara… Sorry about this, bro”
“But I’m gonna need to you get off of him.”
Bottom panels:
Marines: “Eh…EHHHH!!?”
Smoker: “Haa…”
Kuzan: “…Off of my friend, there.”
Editor blurb: “Why’s the man who retired from the Marines here…!?”
edit: Wersja MS jak ktoś chce: Doflamingo Arrives

[Obrazek: GwnW5Ko.png]
Sakazuki uczyniło ich braćmi,
Sakazuki braterstwo to przerwał.
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RE: Rozdział 698
AOKIJIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

Chapter mi się podobał, załoga Luffiego schodzi z trybu przygody i wchodzi w tryb podboju i walki. Let a party begin!

PS: Smoker zapewne będzie miał teraz takie trzy krechy przez całą długość twarzy, będzie wyglądał mega Big Grin

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RE: Rozdział 698
Kurcze nie mogę szczeny z podłogi pozbieraćBig Grin
Na początku przybywa Joker i szatkuje wszystko. Potem długa rozmowa na statku SH. Ale zakończenie szokBig Grin W końcu wiadomo kim był tajemniczy gościu. No muszę przyznać, że Joker nie jest w ciekawej sytuacjiTongue Ale trza czekać znów 2 tygodnieSad

Cytat:"Przez czynienie sobie dobra nawzajem, do dobra ogólnego." J. Kano
05.02.2013, 12:47
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RE: Rozdział 698
dobry chap, dużo informacji, smoker znowu poskładany w minutę (Big Grin) iii ktoś mi wisi piwo za Aokijiego : D
05.02.2013, 13:59
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Wilk Morski

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RE: Rozdział 698
Wow. Mina Lawa, gdy Luffy informuje wszystkich o zawarciu sojuszu, po prostu bezcenna xD. Ach ten Aokiji, ciekawe czy powalczy z Flamingiem.
Kinemon ratuje przyjaciela, ciekawe kto to. I w końcu Dressrosa! Poznamy ludzi Don Flaminga. Szykują się niezłe walki.
05.02.2013, 14:07
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fuszioms Online

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RE: Rozdział 698
To, że płyną na dresrossę, to ujęcie gdy smoker dostaje jak flaming przybywa i sama końcówka z pojawieniem się Ao Kijiego po prostu zaszokowała mnie Big Grin Dla tego własnie czytamy One Piece czyż nie!

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05.02.2013, 14:12
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RE: Rozdział 698
Właśnie najbardziej lubię te nieprzewidywalne chwileBig Grin

Cytat:"Przez czynienie sobie dobra nawzajem, do dobra ogólnego." J. Kano
05.02.2013, 14:16
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fuszioms Online

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RE: Rozdział 698
Tylko jeszcze jedno spostrzeżenie, wiadomo, że nasuwa się na myśl od razu, że to Ao Kiji był ta postacią, lecz czy mamy to powiedziane wprost? Smile

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RE: Rozdział 698
(05.02.2013, 14:21 )fuszioms napisał(a): Tylko jeszcze jedno spostrzeżenie, wiadomo, że nasuwa się na myśl od razu, że to Ao Kiji był ta postacią, lecz czy mamy to powiedziane wprost? Smile

"Nutelli nie ma w słoiku, a mała Ania ma buzię umazaną czekoladowym kremem. Nasuwa się na myśl od razu, że to Ania zjadła Nutellę, lecz CZY MAMY TO POWIEDZIANE WPROST?

Daruj, w ten sposób możesz nawet kulistość globu podać w wątpliwość.
05.02.2013, 14:30
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RE: Rozdział 698
Chapter mega Big Grin Ao kiji potwierdzony, hell yeah. No i Kinemon też ma interes w Dresrossie. Ale jeśli dobrze rozumiem, to oni nie płyną tam bezpośrednio, nah? Najpierw Green Bit (o ile to wyspa)? Czyli Kine i Momo popływają z nami dłużej Big Grin A na końcu łańcucha arców będzie pewnie walka z final bossem, czyli Doflamingiem na Dresrossie.

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05.02.2013, 16:24
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